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Super 8 Film

Beautiful & Nostalgic

The image that comes from Super 8 film immediately triggers a vintage "memories" feeling to the viewer. Historically, memories that were captured on film are always happy memories. Super 8 brings a beautiful filmic look that resonates happy memories to the viewer

The sample below features overscan view (sprocket hole on the left), full screen, and a variety of multi-frame layouts) 


Standard 16:9

Vertical 9x16

Technical Notes

Super 8 film comes in 50ft cartridges.

A 50ft cartridge produces 3.5 mins of film at 18 frames per second.

Film must be first developed, then digitally scanned. This process can take 3-21 days depending on needs. 

There is no sound captured on Super 8 film. 

Vertical video above is a reposition / crop of the 16x9 video. Super 8 can be shot vertically.

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